Main supplier

In close collaboration with our partners we offer professional advice for our clients and provide a distribution in different regions and branches.

For EMC Test & Measurement we offer a large range for various industries like automotive, renewable energies, medical, components, telecom, lightning and others.

HILO Test GmbH

Listan Solutions GmbH – Your exclusive sales partner in Switzerland and Austria


HILO Test GmbH from Germany provides a large range of EMC equipment’s for various segments worldwide.

  • Benefits:
  • – Wide spectrum of EMC test equipment
  • -Standard EMC test equipment
  • – Engineered products
  • – Latest international standards, like ISO 16750, ISO 7637, IEC 61000-4-
  • Segments
  • – Automotive
  • – Industries
  • – Renewable energies
  • – Medical
  • – Components
  • – Telecom
  • – Lightning

Multi CE 5

Hilo Multi CE 5

IPG 2554

The oscillatory wave generator IPG 2554 has been designed for immunity testing of electrical and electronic equipment against repetitive damped oscillatory waves according to IEC 61000-4-18 requirements

Hilo IPG 2554


The EMC test system is designed for testing electromagnetic immunity of the electrical installation of vehicles and components against supply line transients.

Hilo CAR-SYS 14

Authorization Letter

Please view our Authorization Letter for Listan Solutions Hong Kong Ltd. and Listan Solutions GmbH here.

International Inquiries / Projects
For international inquiries / projects as well other suppliers please contact us directly.

Schlöder GmbH

Listan Solutions GmbH – Your sales partner in Switzerland


Schlöder GmbH develops and manufactures EMC test equipment since 29 years. In addition to various EMC test and Meaurement equipment, we also offer Ferrite Coated EMC Cables, Line Filters and EMC Components.

  • Benefits:
  • – Wide spectrum of EMC Test and Measurement products
  • Segments / Product area:
  • – Automotive, Industry, New energies,…
  • – ESD Test Systems
  • – EFT / BURST Combined Wave generators
  • – Voltage Dips
  • – Conducted RF Generators
  • – Ferrite Coated EMC Cales
  • – Line Filters


NEW Burst-Generator 125 kHz SFT 2400

NEW Burst-Generator 125 kHz SFT 2400

CDG 6000

CDG 6000

 SESD 216

 SESD 216

Further suppliers

In the business for EMC we are working with various well known international suppliers like montena technology sa, Frankonia EMC Test-Systems GmbH, HTEC Instruments and others. So we are also able to provide complete solution for Turn Key projects.